We're collaborating with Harvard Law School to make American caselaw open and free. Ravel's cutting edge search and visualization allows researchers to find cases hidden by traditional tools.

The Ravel analytics platform gives law firms a competitive advantage. From researching a judge to mining decades of caselaw, Ravel uncovers trends and patterns and rapidly surfaces the language that matters most.

Ravel's Data Services enable firms, researchers and developers to access, understand and extract value from massive amounts of legal data.

Ravel In the News

"With Judge Analytics, Ravel
starts to Judge the Judges"

"How Big Data Is Disrupting Law Firms
And The Legal Profession"


"A New Way to Look at Law,
With Data Viz and Machine Learning"

Opening Access to Case Law

Together with Harvard we are making America’s court opinions available online, for free,
to anyone in the world.