The Latest from Ravel HQ

” This morning we received an urgent text message. It was from an attorney who uses Ravel asking whether friends stationed at airports, providing legal service to those affected by President Trump’s order and needing access to caselaw but with no client code for other legal research services, could use Ravel. Based on this and

Introducing Court Analytics

We’re continuing to advance our analytics platform, and today we’re proud to announce Court Analytics, the first research tool to offer an unprecedented view into the caselaw and decisions of all state and federal courts in the US. Using Court Analytics, litigators can now make data-driven decisions when comparing forums, assessing possible outcomes, and crafting

The right judicial clerkship can be a powerful career booster. It offers unique professional training, an elite network of contacts, and financial reward — since many firms give bonuses for clerkship experience. How to land one of these coveted spots? The classic ingredients are going to a top school, earning great grades, gathering compelling recommendation