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The court opinions of Massachusetts and Delaware just became more digital. For the first time ever, the comprehensive collections of caselaw in the two states are now online via Ravel, and freely available to anyone with an Internet connection. This is another step in our collaboration with Harvard Law School to digitize the entire, authoritative

  As a company founded by lawyers, we developed Judge Analytics to answer questions we and our peers had in practice: What factors do judges consider in making a ruling? How do they rule on particular motion types, and why? What language influences judges and what cases do they consider the most persuasive? In short,

They protect our future by guarding our past from fires and floods. From hell and high water. And most frequently, from apes with chisels and hammers. I attended a fantastic presentation about archive digitization at SEAALL/SWALL’s annual conference this month, themed Big D: Data, Discovery, and Dicta. Erik Beck of Colorado Law described how archivists