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[This research has been featured in Business Insider, ABA Journal, US News University Directory and the National Law Journal among others. We’re honored.] Forget Yale and Harvard as the training grounds for future judges. It turns out that Michigan Law has the most concentrated impact on national jurisprudence. Surprised? So were we. In Ravel’s new power

In our digital age, data is an essential currency. Government at all levels, from local municipalities to the White House, has started to recognize the opportunities that come when open, machine-readable data is the default for government information. Still stuck in an analog age, however, is the judicial branch. Legal materials largely remain locked behind

Motivation Often when modelling certain types of problems Scala (e.g., using third-party data), I’ll find myself needing a bunch of similar but slightly different case classes under a common trait. While this isn’t a big deal with one or two classes, when you have a large number it becomes tedious to do things like change,