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Every hour that isn’t billed is painful. Not only does it result in a loss of pure profit, but it also keeps associates further from their annual billing targets. It’s a lose-lose, for partners and associates. There are 3 key ways we see that litigation associates can decrease non-billables. Play chess, not checkers While speaking

Depending on whether you are in state or federal court, and whether you’re at the trial level or on appeal, you may be able to cite an unpublished case as precedent in your brief and memoranda. As the name suggests, “unpublished” or “unreported” decisions are judicial opinions that have not been published in any official

Whether you’re an associate treading water in BigLaw or you’ve hung your own shingle as a solo, odds are you’ll find yourself facing a difficult legal research question and hunting for case law to support your brief, memo, or client pitch. Here area few tips to keep you on your best game! Take a lesson

A 2015 article published by professors at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law argues that teaching Ravel Law to law students helps make them “practice-ready”. The authors believe that legal skills professors should incorporate Ravel in their curriculum because teaching Ravel to students advances a host of pedagogical goals, including: Metacognitive skills acquisition Information