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After weeks of speculation, President Obama has nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. Now, the real examination begins of Garland’s biography, credentials, and track record. The broad strokes are familiar: Harvard Law School, clerk for Judge Henry Friendly and Justice William Brennan, federal prosecutor and former partner at an elite law firm, chief judge

Known for wielding a sharp pen, Justice Antonin Scalia ranks as the most influential among current Supreme Court justices. He had a singular voice as a judge, but as we shared in our last two blog posts, he was also inclined to cite himself, Justice Byron White, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in

We’ve received such an enthusiastic response to #ScaliaWeek that we’re continuing our look back into Justice Antonin Scalia’s career to see what data science can tell us about his rulings. In our last post, we analyzed the federal judges who have cited Scalia the most, as a potential indicator of how his influence has trickled