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As the Supreme Court resumes its work this week, we continue to contemplate Justice Antonin Scalia’s legacy. While he will be remembered for his wit and judicial philosophy, we were curious whether statistics might uncover insights that escaped the common understanding. To start, we turned to Ravel’s Judge Analytics platform to explore which other Supreme

#ScaliaWeek continues at Ravel, and today we’re expanding on our first blog post about the judges that Justice Antonin Scalia found most influential. When we first considered this question, we limited it to the Supreme Court and discovered that Scalia’s affection for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg translated into case law as the number of times

This week, we’re turning to our Judge Analytics platform to see what statistics we can unearth about Justice Antonin Scalia’s career. After noting his surprising on-the-bench affinity with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg yesterday, we wanted to see how far Scalia’s influence truly extended. Liberals and conservatives acknowledge that Scalia changed the way we talk about