Now Online: All Massachusetts and Delaware Caselaw

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The court opinions of Massachusetts and Delaware just became more digital. For the first time ever, the comprehensive collections of caselaw in the two states are now online via Ravel, and freely available to anyone with an Internet connection.

This is another step in our collaboration with Harvard Law School to digitize the entire, authoritative collection of US court opinions. Access to legal information is fundamental to our  system — it’s why we have open courtrooms — yet, until now, legal materials have largely remained locked behind expensive paywalls or archived in analog books. We’re working with Harvard to change that, and that means that anyone can now read all of Massachusetts and Delaware’s caselaw for free.

For the public, this is an extraordinary new resource. For legal professionals, our subscription-based services are built on top of Harvard’s case law library, and the data adds even more depth to our professional-grade services like Judge Analytics and Case Analytics.

Massachusetts and Delaware join New York and California as states that are now fully digitized and analyzed. Their legal materials encompass the start of the republic to the present, and we’re proud to bring them online as part of Ravel’s platform. Expect more news from us as more states come online.