Our Technology

Ravel's tools and services are built using the latest Machine Learning, Visualization and Data Engineering technologies.

Data Science

Our engineering team is pioneering new ways to extract value from legal information.

Natural Language Processing

Ravel uses its deep expertise in computational linguistics, language analysis, and annotation to extract the legal knowledge graph from unstructured data and understand the letter and spirit of United States caselaw.

Machine Learning

We organize, summarize, and mine United States caselaw using modern machine learning techniques.

Data Engineering

The Ravel engineering team uses Scala, Spark, MongoDB, on SolrCloud on AWS to analyze the law and deploy our responsive API. We are active in related open source communities.

Design and Law

Ravel marries innovative methods, proven best practices and disciplined craft to reimagine the legal landscape.

Data Visualization

We use Ember.js and D3 to build interactive data visualizations.

Design Thinking

With roots in Stanford's d.school, Ravel's collaborative processes bring together lawyers, designers and engineers.

Agile Development

Our approach to product development is iterative and agile. Our teams work closely with our customers and participants in our Ravel Labs program.

Ravel Engineering

Go behind the scenes with our best and brightest

Engineering Blog

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