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Case Analytics

Case Analytics empowers researchers to understand critical language in context.


  • View the authoring judge, participating firms and more
  • Drill down through multiple levels of citation
  • Highlight, annotate and tag opinions


Search Visualization

Visualize the law to understand the legal landscape.


  • Search via boolean or natural language queries
  • Sort results by relevance or by court
  • View the details of a case in context


Judge Analytics

Discover patterns in the way judges think, write and rule.


  • View opinions, analytics and biographic information for every judge
  • Filter material based on the matters of your case
  • Dive into specific language

Court Analytics

Understand the language, statistics, and caselaw that make each court unique.


  • Compare forums by how they rule on 90+ motions
  • Identify a court's key caselaw and commonly referenced language
  • Explore courts and make comparisons by legal topic

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